Emily Lozano, MD, FAAP, IBCLC


Emily has been a board certified pediatrician since 1999 and a board certified lactation consultant since 2015.  She has spent much of her time as a pediatrician in the hospital setting taking care of newborns​ and their families.  She also completed a fellowship in pediatric cardiology which gives her a unique perspective on caring for medically complicated children.   Emily is still actively involved in the practice of pediatric medicine. 

She is the mother of 3 wonderful children who keep her busy  and active. 


Dr. Lozano is a practicing MD.  Services provided through Reasonable Breastfeeding Resources are lactation consulting ONLY.  No pediatric care is intended or implied.   Should you or your child require medical care outside the scope of lactation consulting, you will be referred to your pediatrician or primary physician. 


Reasonable Breastfeeding Resources- -​​

Our Philosophy

We believe that a fed child is a happy child and when the child is happy the mother and family are happier.  We want to support the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child that benefits both individuals optimally.  

We believe that breastmilk is designed by nature to be the right food for human children but we understand that there can be some barriers to providing breastmilk to an infant. We are committed to helping breakdown the barriers to breastfeeding where possible.  History shows us that sometimes complimentary or alternate feeding practices may need to be employed to provide adequate nutrition to a growing baby.  We want to support mother and baby to provide nutrition to the baby so that they can thrive.  

​We understand that life is more complicated  than ever for a new mother and her children.  We want to support your lifestyle and provide strategies to help you with providing the best  nutrition to your child while you are responding to life transitions.